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Leading technical staff, forming corporate strategy, designing and executing enterprise level SaaS systems, controlling costs to maximize ROI, enforcing standards to guide and control implementation, provisioning and maintaining virtual systems, and both overseeing and participating in agile development coding.

Deep background designing and coding systems across a wide variety of languages and environments, from operating system level, to manufacturing automation, to user desktop and web applications.

Team building, management, and architectural design

I look for opportunities to increase productivity through technically knowledgeable management, mentorship, and honest feedback about performance. To achieve these goals I bring stability, passion, architectural vision, expectation of high quality, and work to foster a workplace of trust and openness that results in strong relationships and superior products.

Vision, communication, experience

I bring a keen "big picture" awareness, grasping and balancing wide perspectives in customer needs, technology and design choices, and staff management. My communication and management skills are exemplary, based on my belief that each interaction must be tuned to the perspective of the audience, and that discussions must be accountable and productive. Combined with decades of computing experience, these values optimize performance, resulting in effective solutions and positive relations with customers and staff, all of which promotes profitability.

Wide programming, management, and IST

My road to CTO of a small company has exposed me to a wide variety of skills ranging from operating system assembly level code, to fourth-generation languages and cloud technologies, up into team management, system provisioning, service hosting, and hardware maintenance. These experiences translate directly into effective management, and innate architectural vision into how to provide real value.

Core Values

Core values form the foundation for everything that happens in the workplace and in life. As a scientist, I work on a daily basis to test and strengthen the following principles in myself and others. My passion, energy and actions are fueled by these fundamental tenants. I share them here to underscore the unique value I bring to any work environment and to invite discussion.

  • Listening, acknowledging, and integrating: too many skilled individuals enforce only their vision to solve problems. I make extra special effort to have meaningful, bi-directional interaction on all tasks and meet expectations by actually understanding and integrating feedback. By adding my own creative ideas to that baseline, expectations are then exceeded, building strong relationships.

  • Sharing ideas: adaptability is critical in our vast and rapidly changing field. It is imperative that everyone in technology proactively share new learning. To this end I strive to remove the stigma surrounding "ignorance" so that all are encouraged to share knowledge without reservation, which goes hand-in-hand with listening.

  • Balancing: continuously assessing a vast spectrum of visions and technologies through research and listening, striking a balance is required to keep moving forward productively. Moderation is my mantra: I employ experience to advance solid solutions before getting bogged down or mis-directed, and bring all parties forward with unified support. Of course, moderation in moderation is the art of balancing, which allows for extreme choices when appropriate.

  • Tracking: in a heavily threaded world too much is repeated due to confusion. I am a strong proponent of getting systems of operation in place that help track the progress of the multitude of tasks, from simple conversations maintaining a clear and reliable historic thread to accessible documentation of how and why systems and code have been put in place.

  • Improving: stagnation in this era brings death in our industry. It is not enough just to share ideas one already has; we must all actively pursue new technologies in our work and hobbies. I talk about science and technology, and insist everyone accept we all know only a small fraction of everything, all the while encouraging wonder—active pursuit of new discovery.

  • Diversifying: computing is an entire world within a world, and crosses all boundaries. We must specialize and excel in some areas, but not to the exclusion of the rest of the world that invariably influences us. I encourage diversity to further strengthen our own interactions. While I specialize in software engineering, I find these are enhanced by my activities in hardware purchasing and maintenance, networking, enterprise tool selection and implementation, finances, human resources, and even sports and community service.

Contemporary skills

Current: JavaScript, HTML, ColdFusion, Java, Oracle PLSQL, Crystal Reports, CVS, Testtrack, PL/SQL Developer, Windows, Linux.

Extras: Stackoverflow(1483493), Meetup(188599265), MDN/GitHub/IRC(csmwww), business service into my home, with two LAN networks and six VMWare servers hosting a few dozen operating systems (Windows XP/7/8/Server and CentOS 6/7), including email (MS Exchange and Linux Kolab/Postfix) and web services (MS IIS, Linux Apache/Drupal/Wordpress, NodeJS/Pencilblue).

Detailed work history

2000-2015: Printellect, LLC (CTO), EFI, PrintCafe Software, Inc.

eCommerce solution for the Printing industry. From lead programmer in 2000 I rose to CTO in 2006, managing an original team of 25 through product maturity into support. As well as system design and team management, I handled every role at one point while the product stabilized, new requirements reduced, and team members moved on. Beyond management this meant advanced technological roles such as Oracle Database coding and maintenance, Business Objects report writing and deployment, Windows domain and email management. virtualizing Windows and Linux systems with NAS storage.

1993-2000: Jump Development Group (Lead Programmer)

Programmed OS level Macintosh enhancement to memory management called OptiMem and later RAM Charger. The basic concept was already in experimental development by Robert Thornton, and I took over development as he ran the startup company. This involved hooking into the operating system with 90% C code and 10% assembly code. I also programmed an accounting system in Filemaker Pro, and a website in Microsoft's ASP. It is a sore subject. Read about it at "".

1989-1993: Automation Programming Inc (Programmer)

On-site programming complete systems to control production and tracking of circuit boards on assembly lines, utilizing QNX (trim UNIX) and Solaris with substantial shell scripting, FASTech Integration Inc's FACTORYworks toolbox, and later National Instruments' LabVIEW. I co-designed and built installations for companies Motorola, General Dynamics, Raynet (Ericsson), Johnson and Johnson, and Delco (Delpi).

1985-1989: Prograph, Inc (Co-Founder/Programmer)

Co-founder of Prograph, Inc. This company later converted to PrintCafe Software, Inc. late in 1999 by Marc Olin. My role was the technical programming on an IBM XT in pascal. We authored a bindery planning tool to optimize magazine assembly, and then provided outsourced planning services to Time Warner publishing. They sent data via modem each week, skilled employees created schedules using our tool, and then sent the results back... at 300 Baud. The system was still utilized into the 21st century!

1985-1986: Formtek (Programmer)

Port graphical "telephone pole work order" vertical market application from Perq Systems "Pascal" platform to Solaris "C" platform.

1984-1985: Carnegie Mellon University (Programmer)

Joint Carnegie Mellon, Department of Defense, and IBM project "Accent" operating system - Worked primarily on porting code from pascal prototype "Perq Systems" hardware implementation of OS to new "IBM RT-PC" architecture. My role was lighter in the code, porting applications (command interpreter and such) instead of kernel code.

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